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Over My Dead Body is LIVE!!!

This is the film that started the podcast! We’d love for you to check it out and share the link.  

‘Over My Dead Body’ is the first time Timothy and Alrik have worked together, but they’ve both been making movies for years. Between them, their films have played at over 30 film festivals, received 80,000 views on-line, and a few years ago Timothy’s film “The Spirit Machine” was the most-funded short of all time on Kickstarter.

Over My Dead Body was produced from a script by Zergog Sebastian Tovar. Zergog and a local group of producers pulled their resources together to fund the film. Follow the film on Facebook:

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  • I’m so excited that this film is done and up, spread the word, mmih peeps!

    • Yeah, what he said. Does anyone know how Reddit works? We have a link on Reddit, but how do we get upvoted. Any advice would be great! I’m a newb

  • Timothy Plain

    So proud of us and this movie. Everyone go watch it now!!!

  • Check it out, OMDB on ainitcool! Whababadubdub!

  • Peter

    Im speechless. Amazing work guys. The lighting, camera movement, compositions, music/mix were all stellar!

    • Timothy Plain

      First of all, thank you for posting this to our MMIH page. That’s awesome, and then to say such nice things is doubly awesome. Thanks so much for being such a supportive dude.