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Holiday Special Episode II

Alrik and Timothy are still taking some time off for the holidays but we are back again with round two of different topics/subjects that were left out of episodes over the last few months. Enjoy!

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Show Notes / Links

The Daily Struggle/Holiday Special Episode II

  • Alrik does a quick intro to the holiday special and we are off and running! If you want more of an explanation of the episode, please listen to Holiday Special Episode I.

Topic of the Week – More random goodness!

  • 1st Topic – VR and the Future of Filmmaking
    • Timothy gives his definition.
    • Alrik gives his definition.
  • 2nd Topic – Different Way of Giving Feedback
    • Timothy talks about how he wants to give and receive feedback in the future.
    • Alrik talks about how Timothy really helped him on his script using that method.
  •  3rd Topic- More on Eli Roth Quote
    • “You don’t make movies like the kind that I make to be universally loved,” Roth tells Rolling Stone. “You make them because you want to provoke and you want a reaction. The best thing that people can say is, ‘I couldn’t watch it’ or ‘ I watched it with my eyes closed.’ If I’ve really done my job as a director, nobody can actually watch your movie. They’re watching the inside of their hand. You don’t want people walking out of a movie; you want them running out of the theater screaming. When that happens, that’s like a standing ovation for me.”
      Read more:
  • 4th Topic – Sleeping Less and Working More
    • Alrik talks about wanting to sleep less and get more done.
    • Timothy talks about his need for 8hrs of sleep every night.
    • We look at what Marc Madrigal from Story Punch did to get his first feature script done.
  • 5th Topic – Our Parents Criticism and Advice
    • Alrik tells a story about his Dad’s advice and his Mom’s criticisms.
  •  6th Topic – Alrik and Timothy on Colin’s Success with Sintel
    • Timothy talks about no matter how successful Sintel was, it didn’t get Colin a directing gig.
    • Alrik talks about how it did however get him into Pixar and who knows what would have happened if he had turned down the Pixar opportunity.
  • 7th Topic – Alrik and Timothy Debate About How to Get Short Films Seen
    • Timothy talks about how getting tons of hits online isn’t going to happen for everyone.
    • Alrik counters and talks about that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.
  • 8th Topic – Timothy and Alrik talk About Timothy’s Thoughts on Over My Dead Body.
    • Timothy talks about feeling a little disconnected from OMDB and that it’s less of his film.
    • Alrik tries to insist that he needs to take more credit for all the hard work Timothy put into the film.
  • 9th Topic – Timothy and Alrik talk About When They Decide a Script is Done
    • Timothy asks Alrik how he knows a script is done.
    • Alrik talks about how hard it is to call it quits on writing a script.
  • 10th Topic – How Can Indie Shorts Make Money?
    • Alrik talks about needing to monetize on short films.
    • Alrik and Timothy outline an option using the SF Film group Scary Cow as an example.
  • 11th Topic – Lets Make a Bunch of Movies to get Better
    • Alrik talks about the desire to make a bunch of movies to learn and get better.
    • Timothy talks about how you can just shoot a movie on a phone.
    • Alrik and Timothy debate the relevance of shooting on a phone versus a real camera.

Things to Share

We don’t have anything new to share but we will be back with more podcasting goodness next week!

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  • Sounds like at least some people dug the Holiday Special Episode I so her is Episode II (can you tell I’m digging on Star Wars right now?). Take a listen and let us know your thoughts, we cram in a quite a few more subjects in the same amount of time, hopefully it’s not too all over the place. Thanks for listening!

  • It was not too all over the place, Alrik – I enjoyed it! On the subject of VR – I don’t think regular movies will be replaced any time soon haha — And when they are, I don’t think it will be the 1st person adventure that Timothy was talking about, I think the Hololense will be the first type of widely accepted at home VR. With the hololense everything is projected around your home, so the TV screen can be the size of a wall… or someone in the movie can say “look out the window!” and when you look out YOUR living room window you see a piece of the movie out there, or someone can put an object on YOUR actual coffee table outside the movie screen. I believe that’s going to be possible/normal sooner rather than later. Also Alrik – I’ve been playing Until Dawn and while it’s not quite as good as the Quantic Dream games (Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls) I think that type of “playable movie” where your actions effect the outcome is awesome! I want more of that. For the Eli Roth bit… There’s always a place for shock horror. Eli Roth invented the “torture horror” genre so there’s obviously a market for it. That said, I did not see Green Inferno, did you? When it comes to not taking credit for your films… I just feel like no matter how shitty something is, if you worked hard on it, you should be proud of it. Sure it didn’t come out how you wanted it or you have better ideas now, hindsight is 20/20… But be proud of how hard you worked to bring it to life! Making movies is hard dammit! Put your new perspective into your next film. Don’t even get me started on “when the script is done!” At this stage in our careers, the script is done when you (the writer/producer/director) feel like it’s done. Hopefully after some feedback, rewrites, and tightening. Just stay open to new ideas while shooting. And the last thing I’ll say is… if you can avoid it, don’t shoot a movie on an iPhone. That’s a gimmick, no two ways about it.

    • Epic thread, Alex! I’m going to pick out two things from here. 1) No, I did not see Green Inferno 2) I’ve been reluctant to take praise or be proud of my accomplishments lately. I’ve really let the self doubt and insecurity take over. I think a little of it is good, but it’s out of control right now, so I’m going work on fostering my positivity and being proud of what I did achieve, even if things aren’t perfect.