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Holiday Special Episode I

Alrik and Timothy are taking some time off for the holidays but didn’t want to leave you hanging so this week we have a grab bag episode of different topics/subjects that hit the cutting room floor in the last six months!

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Show Notes / Links

The Daily Struggle/Holiday Special Episode I

  • Alrik and Timothy outline what’s going on with Making Movies is Hard during the holidays and outline how these two Holiday episodes came together.

Topic of the Week – A bunch of random goodness!

  • 1st Topic – What is this podcast?
    • Timothy gives his definition.
    • Alrik gives his definition.
  • 2nd Topic – What are the guys filmmaking backgrounds?
    • Timothy’s filmmaking background.
    • Alrik’s filmmaking background.
  • 3rd Topic- Shooting in LA versus the SF Bay Area
    • Timothy talks about doing all his commercial shoots in LA.
    • Alrik asks why that is and rallies for more things to be shot in the SF Bay Area.
  • 4th Topic – How can you promote a movie that you don’t love?
    • Timothy talks about trying to promote a film you are feeling doubtful about.
    • Alrik says that you should either put all your love behind your film or just not release it.
    • They then discuss how close they both have gotten to achieving their visions for their films.
  • 5th Topic – Our the day jobs the right day jobs?
    • Timothy’s thoughts on potentially changing his day job.
    • Alrik’s thoughts.
  • 6th Topic – AFM and what it is?
    • Alrik and Timothy describe it and wonder if it’s the right place for them as filmmakers?

Things to Share

We don’t have anything new to share of our own but here is the link to Timothy’s short Lone, just in case you missed it last week!

And just for fun, here’s the trailer for Alrik’s short Brother, just to celebrate the film finally being done!

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  • Alright ladies and gentlemen! Let me know what you think of this holiday special, is this an acceptable podcast? Are these bits and pieces interesting? Let me know in the comments!

    • Kellerman Komedy

      This was totally acceptable! I liked getting to know you guys a little (again) and hearing about your aspirations more in depth than usual. Things seems pretty bleak here in LA and it’s nice to hear other filmmakers with similar aspirations but with different experiences and knowledge! I hope we all get to work together at some point (even though I don’t think Timothy likes my writing very much) – and happy holidays guys!

      • Happy Holidays, Alex! I honestly haven’t given your writing a fair read so I can’t say I like it or not yet. I did really like 3 Guys, A Girl, and a Demon, though, so there’s hope for us. I wish that movie didn’t already exist. I’d totally work with you on something like that.

        • Kellerman Komedy

          Funny you should say that… It’s actually just a small snippet of a feature I wrote (and am sort of on again off again re-writing) — I didn’t send it to you because for the most part it’s a haunted house movie and it sounds like you’re already making one of those ( “Toy Box” or something like that?)