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Episode 40 – Lisa Donato

Special guest Lisa Donato joins us to talk about her journey from Los Angeles to Austin, Texas and from print producer to director.

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Show Notes / Links

Meet Lisa Donato

Filmmaker Lisa Donato
  • From a young age, Lisa has been creative, eventually going to school for Marketing and working as a print producer before moving to LA to pursue filmmaking. After nearly two years in LA, focusing mostly on writing, Lisa decided to move to San Francisco where she directed her first short film. Lisa now lives in Austin, Texas.
  • We learn about Lisa’s experience in LA
  • We talk to Lisa about how she transitioned into becoming a director
  • We talk to Lisa about her experience in San Francisco
  • Learn more about Lisa and check out her work at

On-Line Releases

We talk to Lisa about premiering her film “Sugarhiccup” on-line and give her advice on getting it up and pushing it out. As a result of our encouragement, Lisa decides to make the film public:

Finding A Mainstream Audience

Lisa’s short film “Sugarhiccup” played at 40 film festivals, most of which were LGBT focused. Lisa struggles to find an audience outside of the LGBTQ community as she attempts to normalize gay characters in her films. Lisa is hopeful that the current push for diversity in media will lead to greater opportunities for stories about minority groups.

Language in a Patriarchial Society

We stumble upon a topic around the language of male anatomy in our every day speech. Words and phrases like “ballsy” and “suck my dick” hint at an underlying male focused society.

Lisa’s Links

Lisa’s Website:

Lisa’s Production Company:

Lisa’s Vimeo Page:


Lisa’s Upcoming Projects

Spunkle (Short Film)

In Bed (Short Film)

Signature Move (Feature Film)

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