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Episode 113 – Cinematographer Jason Joseffer

Jason Joseffer has shot films for both Timothy and Alrik. This week, we talk to Jason about how he became a Cinematographer, how he works with directors and much more!

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Meet Jason Joseffer!

Born and raised in San Francisco, Jason’s first “real” job was working as a news cameraman during which he learned how to move quickly and efficiently.  A greater interest in narrative and documentary compelled him to leave the broadcast world and pursue work in film.  Jason has since shot a multitude of feature, short, documentary and experimental films.

Jason’s Narrative Reel

Finding Projects

We talk about how Jason finds his projects, focusing on the narrative and creative projects.

  • Are you involved in the funding process?
  • How do you come up with a camera budget?

Working with a Cinematographer

Alrik and Timothy get into the nitty gritty of working with a cinematographer. Here are some of the subjects they covered.

  • Lenses
    • Does a director need to know lenses?
    • How does Jason like to work?
  • Shot Lists
    • How do you prefer to approach shot lists?
    • Do you always need one?
    • What about Storyboards?

After the recording, Jason sent over a breakdown of shot lists from the magazine ‘American Cinematographer’, here’s what he sent.

From an article written by Jim Hemphill, the quote shown is from Cinematographer Danny Mixer.

  • Coverage
    • What does Jason think of getting coverage?
  • Sequences
    • Alrik saw Atomic Blonde over the weekend and was inspired to make sure to have at least two sytlistic sequences in his film, does Jason think about sequences when prepping a film?
  • How Many Shoot Days for a 90min Feature?
    • We take a classic movie and talk about how many days we want to shoot it. We use Reservoir Dogs as an example, which was actually shot in 35 days (we were pretty close).
    • How many days we’d want versus what we will get…
  • Advice for Aspiring Cinematographers?
    • Listen to find out!

How to Find Jason

You can find all of Jason’s work at his website below and on his Instagram page. Sorry, no FB or Twitter for Jason (boo!).


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  • How have you guys worked with your cinematographers in the past?