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Episode 99 – Moving to LA with Gavin Murray

What do you do when you first move to LA? This week we have DP and filmmaker Gavin Murray who just moved to LA from SF three months ago and he talks about how he made the move, what he’s looking to accomplish and how he’s getting his first few jobs in LA.

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Gavin:GibbyGavin V. Murray is a cinematographer and filmmaker with a background in g/e and production. Alrik has known Gavin for years, working with him on sets and starring in one of his short films back in college (which he auditioned for). Here is his bio.

Gavin is based in Los Angeles and the SF Bay Area. He spends his days putting all his experience, ingenuity, and talent into each film he works on.

When not on set, you can find him looking for good food with friends, or cozied up on the couch watching B movies with the occasional reputable “good film” thrown in for good measure.

Here’s the trailer for Gavin’s short film Bloodbullet that he was the DP on, directed by previous guest Ronnie Allman!

 Show Outline

We start our talk with Gavin about his background and the short film ‘The Briefcase’ that he directed and Alrik starred in. Sadly we could not find the link to the film online as their are literally a thousand of short films on youtube called ‘The Briefcase’. Luckily, Gavin found it for us!

Gavin tells us about his move to LA and how he’s managing to make it all work by moving back and forth from LA and SF. Here is the trailer for the film Gibby that Alrik and Gavin worked on at Universal Studios for two days.

Here is Gavin’s brand spanking new DP reel, NSFW people!

We then move into filmmaker identity and how you cement yourself in a certain role, do the clothes you wear matter depending on the position you are working in on set?

Finally we end with a discussion of Gavin’s first feature as a DP Bring Me An Avocado which he will be shooting this summer.

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  • What do you think of Gavin’s strategy for moving to LA? Does he need to just pick a market or can he just float back from LA to SF for the rest of his career?