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Episode 98 – Independent Financing with Yumee Jang

So you’ve got a script and all you need is the money to shoot it. Great! But where do you start? This week, producer Yumee Jang sits down to answer all our questions about where independent financing comes from including how to find and talk to investors.

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Yumee Jang is an independent filmmaker with experience producing, line producing, assistant directing, production coordinator, business affairs, marketing, accounting, and project management.

Producer Yumee Jang

After successfully owning a Baskin Robins ice cream shop for 7 years her passion for film put her back in school for a degree in digital film and video production. She now produces movies for a living like “The Ice Cream Truck” and “The Valley” (the film that Alrik worked on last year).

Show Outline

We talk to Yumee about how independent films get financed and learn from her experience raising money for films as low as $20k and as much as $4Million.

Where does the money come from? Who are investors?

The key, she says, is networking. She’s found investors through friends, business relationships and even other filmmakers she’s met on Slated, at film festivals and in going to AFM. Don’t forget that film investors could be friends or family, too.

Yumee explains how equity (back end points) works and how you talk to investors about their investment.

We talk about LOIs or “Letter Of Intent”s and how and if they work.

Are pre-sales still a thing? Can Alrik plan on selling his movie before it’s even made?

We talk about Alrik’s plan to get Anthony Mackie in his film. If Alrik can get Anthony Mackie attached, will all his problems be solved?

Yumee tells us what her pitch packet to investors looks like, how much of it is business and how much is art? Also, how long will investors listen to your pitch?

How do you explain to an investor whether or not your film is going to make money? How do you find movies to compare your film to? Yumee recommends Box Office Mojo, IMDB Pro and just plain Googling.

What’s an average investment from a single person and how many investors is the right number?

How long does it take to raise money for a movie? 

Where do you start when you have a script?

What can you expect from AFM

Yumee’s story of having her script optioned at AFM

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    Best episode ever. Thanks, guys.