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Episode 97 – The Story That Will Change Your Life With Scott Kirschenbaum!

Documentarian Scott Kirschenbaum joins us this week to talk about his life as a documentary filmmaker, how he goes about finding stories that will change his life and how he captured a woman giving brith in his newest film ‘Of Woman Born’.

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Friend of the show (or at least Alrik and Timothy) Jason Joseffer introduced Scott to our show and we thought his experience making documentaries would make for an interesting episode, especially in context of comparing documentary films to narrative films. What we found was that Scott originally started in narrative screenwriting and went into documentary filmmaking afterwards, so we talk about what lead him to a life of telling stories in the documentary format.

This is the trailer for Scott’s first film about Alzheimer’s

Getting to Know Scott Kirschenbaum

Here is a quick bio I pulled for Scott from of all places, The San Francisco Film Society website.

Scott Kirschenbaum is a documentary filmmaker. His first feature-length film, the Alzheimer’s documentary You’re Looking At Me Like I Live Here And I Don’t, was a participating project in the San Francisco Film Society FilmHouse Residency, aired nationally on PBS’ Emmy award-winning program Independent Lens, and is used as a teaching tool at universities and conferences around the world. His speaker series A Soapbox in Haiti was featured on ABC World News, and premiered on four Haitian television stations on the one-year anniversary of the earthquake. He holds a B.A. from Yale.

Getting Started

– How did you get started in documentary films?

– What lead you to making your first film?

-How do you fund your films?

-Timothy talks about John Truby’s book again and how he urges readers to tell a story that will change their lives, it looks like this is what Scott has always done with his films!

-Is this all you do, just make documentary films?

-What does your lifestyle look like?

Of Woman Born

Just like his first film, Scott is facing a lot of challenges in getting ‘Of Woman Born’ funded, everyone says that watching a woman give birth for 90 minutes will be too intense, so how is he getting the movie made?

Emily & Cinematographer

Jason Joseffer on set with Emily the subject of ‘Of Woman Born’.

– What are the biggest challenges of ‘Of Woman Born’?

– How did the shoot go, did you have to shoot all night?

– What are you hoping to achieve with this film?

-What’s next, will it always be documentary films or will you go back to narrative?

Links to Scott’s work

Of Woman Born website:

Of Woman Born on twitter @ofwomanborn

Donate to Of Woman Born through the San Francisco Film Society!

You’re Looking At Me Like I Live Here And I Don’t website:

Article by The Huffington Post on Scott’s first film:

Scott’s Doula Profile on Doula Match:

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  • What did you think of Scott’s life as a documentarian? How far would you go to live your life as a filmmaker telling stories for a living?