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Episode 93 – In The Thick Of It!

This week Timothy is in Santiago Chile shooting a commercial and Alrik is in the middle of a four day documentary style shoot, so the guys talk about how their prep is going, what the next few days are like for them and how it kind of sucks that they have both been too busy to work on their creative projects! (The featured photo is from Alrik’s doc style shoot. They picked up a last minute scene at a tattoo parlor at a location Alrik scouted during lunch!)

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Timothy talks about how he almost quit is job twice while prepping for his shoot and how he really had a hard time producing this project for a variety of reasons.

Alrik talks about the different expectations from LA crews and SF crews and how that’s been challenging leading up to his job.

Timothy than grills Alrik on how his work on The Alternate is going and really puts into perspective how difficult it’s going to be for him to raise a budget of under $500k. They talk about how he is going to make that happen as well as what Alrik is doing with his other projects and much more!

* The show notes are super light this week as we are both still working on our projects, so sorry for the lack of supporting info this week!

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  • What do you think, do Timothy and I just need to quit our jobs and tighten our belts and just work on our films full time or can we make it happen squeezing in our films in between our paid work?