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Episode 92 – Just Shoot It Crossover Episode!

This week we finally drop our big crossover episode with fellow filmmaking podcasters, Matt Enlow and Oren Kaplan of the Just Shoot It Podcast! We talk about our lives as directors but really quickly get into a discussion of why we aren’t in LA and then dive into how Matt and Oren are going about getting their next features made. It’s a fun if sometimes intense conversation, give it a listen and let us know what you think!

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This week we do a crazy four way conversation with Matt and Oren from Just Shoot It! Check out their respective sites below so you can learn more about what Matt and Oren are about.

Matt Enlow’s Website –

Oren Kaplan’s Website –

Topics we cover in our conversation.

  • When did we all feel comfortable calling ourselves directors.
  • Why Timothy and Alrik aren’t in LA.
  • How Matt and Oren are getting their next features made.
  • How they have gone about navigating their careers.
  • and much more!

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  • What do you guys think of this conversation, should Timothy and I just move to LA?

    • Oren Kaplan


      Just kidding. Do whatever’s right for you. We each make our own path.

      • Good advice, Oren. I like that. The hard part is knowing if you’re on a path that will lead where you want it to. So at least once a year I have an existential crisis and wonder if I’m on the right path, but then I come to the conclusion that I’m satisfied with the amount and quality of the projects I’m directing and I love living in San Francisco so I guess this is right for me. At least for now.

    • Bernard Bygott

      Alrik: I am a loyal listener to MMIH and Just Shoot It. I love both shows (so much that I listened to both streams of this ep 🙂 ). No one’s ever found a single formula for success. I bet you and Timothy will end up spending a lot of time in LA no matter what. Just the the nature of the biz, but if you do end up creating a more sustainable model in the Bay area and become Roger Corman 2.0, then sweet! You already know there are opportunities in LA that aren’t really anywhere else, so just don’t cut yourself off completely. But more importantly, keep making work you believe in with people you believe in and you’ll be fulfilled. As another non-expert, that’s my theory… at least for now… 🙂 Thanks again for sharing your journey!!!!

      • True, I already spend a lot of time in LA as a producer. And if we ever find bigger success as filmmakers or commercial directors, I imagine LA will become a bigger and bigger part of our lives. I like what you said about “making work you believe in with people you believe in.” That’s a good motto to live by.

      • Hey Bernard, thanks for the message and it’s super duper cool to hear that you listen to both our podcast and Just Shoot It, I kind of feel like if you listen to our show you should listen to their show as an alternative perspective, those guys have a lot of insight and they bring in amazing guests. You are probably right about us spending time in LA, I’ve already worked on the universal lot (as crew not a producer or director) and Timothy spends weeks on end down there so yeah, I’m sure that trend will continue more and more. Thanks for the pep talk man, that’s the mantra I say to myself when I get low, luckily there seems to be a lot of action happening in the bay area and I’m excited that I’m able to be a part of that! And thank you sir for listening!