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BONUS EPISODE! – Decompressing from the Just Shoot It Podcast

The morning after recording our crossover episode with the Just Shoot It Podcast Alrik and Timothy decompress about how they felt about it and how it could have gone better. It was a hard conversation for us and it forced us to answer the same questions of self-doubt and insecurity we constantly feel.

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On the last episode of Making Movies is HARD!!! the hosts of Just Shoot It Podcast, Matt and Oren, challenged us head on about not being in Los Angeles. They brought up a lot of good points and Alrik and Timothy react to them and once again break down the differences between being a working filmmaker in Los Angeles vs The Bay Area (or anywhere else).

Timothy wishes we spent less time attacking each other’s paths and instead focused on the quantity and quality of projects we’re getting in San Francisco vs Los Angeles.

Bottom line, this conversation made Timothy and Alrik question their Bay Area filmmaking paths: What are we doing? Why aren’t we in Los Angeles?

We restate why we think the Bay Area is right for us and discuss why we might all be in the same boat as filmmakers when it comes to getting our movies made.

Timothy wonders “Aren’t we all paying the bills with a day job and making it happen however we can? Whether that’s agency producing, script supervising, or directing branded content, it’s all in the service of getting better at being filmmakers, right?” Alrik questions this line of thinking, pointing out that Oren and Matt are getting opportunity and experiences we can only dream of.

“Preaching the Dream.” Alrik says that his dream of the Bay Area might be overshadowing reality. Timothy points out that we’re all talking about a dream and a career we want even though none of us are there yet. And maybe that’s what it will always be for every filmmaker.

Getting a movie off the ground is really hard. Does living in Los Angeles make it any easier?

Timothy thinks if you aren’t getting the opportunities you want, you have to make them yourself. He brings up the Dan Trachtenberg story.

Final Thoughts

Timothy says your experience, no matter where you are, will make you the filmmaker you are. Find the job that allows you to keep making movies and use it to learn directing skills even if you’re not actually directing.

Alrik says that you have to embrace your decisions and not to let the doubt stop you from pushing forward.

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