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Episode 91 – The Tech Scout and Shoot

We continue where we left off last week, talking about the shoot we’re working on together, Alrik as Producer and Timothy as Director. This week we walk you through the tech scout, the last week of prep and the shoot itself. We talk about our techniques, the experience of the shoot, what we could have done better.

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Last week, we discussed how we started the production of a music video from our perspectives as Producer (Alrik Bursell) and Director (Timothy Plain). We continue the discussion this week with the last week of production, from tech scout to post-shoot and everything in between.

The Dark Agent and Time Machine
This is a sneak peek of the music video we’re working on

Topics we cover in our conversation.

  • What happened at the tech scout
  • How the tech scout changed things for the director
  • How it changed things for the producer
  • Alrik talks about balancing a budget as it the production needs change
  • Timothy talks about getting his actors in the zone and building his story
  • The value of Assistant Directors
  • How we felt during the shoot
  • How we feel after the shoot
  • What we could have done better / differently
  • Do Alrik and Timothy still want to work together?

The Decks!

How do you go from an idea to real life? For instance, this coming up with a design and then building a time machine.


Timothy likes to start with a deck of creative ideas to help everyone get on the same page. Here are all the decks he created for this project, from the location all the way to the story.

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