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Episode 90 – How Do You Prep for Production?

How do you prep a production? Where do you start? This week, Alrik and Timothy describe the process of prepping a music video that Timothy is directing and Alrik is producing.

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time machine

How do you get started when you are making something? Do you start with an actor, a location, a piece of art? Timothy and Alrik talk over how we got started making the music video that we are shooting this week (in a mere five days!!) and how the two work together as Producer and Director.    16903593_10102265739322148_2898635294870901754_o

Here are some of the topics we cover in our conversation.

  • How Timothy got the opportunity to direct this music video.
  • Why is Alrik even producing it.
  • How the two are working together.
  • What they are struggling with.
  • Why they are so excited

Directing Vs. Producing

We have a brief conversation about directing vs. producing, here is what we cover.

  • Why Alrik likes Producing creative projects.
  • Why Timothy isn’t as interested but what it would take for him to produce for someone else.
  • What it takes to switch back and forth from directing and producing.

Share Corner

Timothy has nothing to share but Alrik has to let people know about…

And if you’ve seen all the Batman Animated Series Episodes, check out all the other wonderful series that came after it, including the Justice League shows!

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  • What do you guys think, how do you approach prepping your projects, is there a certain way you like to get the ball rolling?