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Episode 89 – Starting a Career in Commercial Directing with Plummer/Strauss

This week we have local directing team Plummer/Strauss on the show! Justin Plummer III and Martin Strauss are two San Francisco, Bay Area directors who get paid to direct full time. They talk with us about how they got started, what it’s like to sign with a big time LA commercial production company, how they sustain themselves creatively and financially, and of course, why they aren’t living in LA.

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Justin Plummer III and Martin Strauss are directing partners based in San Francisco, CA. With a focus on visual storytelling, they use classic cinematic techniques to create stylized images. In 2014, they were featured in SHOOT Magazine’s 2014 New Director Showcase and shortlisted for a Young Director Award in Cannes and most recently signed with the LA commercial production company, Bullitt.

Plummer/Strauss’ Calico Jack commercial that we talk about at the top of the podcast.

The famous Michael Bay ‘Aaron Burr’ Got Milk commercial that we discuss.

The less famous Michael Bay Levi’s commercial.

The Tinkerer Trailer by Plummer/Strauss

California Lottery Spec by Plummer/Strauss

Converse Spec

For more work by Plummer/Strauss check out their website:

Here are some of the topics we cover in our conversation with Justin and Martin:

  • How the duo met and teamed up.
  • What inspired them to start directing commercials.
  • How they got started directing commercials.
  • How they manage to provide for themselves by directing only.
  • What it was like to get signed to a major production company.
  • Why they haven’t moved to LA.
  • What their ultimate goals are.
  • Finally, what are they working on currently.

Getting in Touch with Plummer/Strauss

Their website:

Bullitt’s website:

Element E (German reps):

GoEast Films (Eastern Europe/Asia Reps):

email the guys at: hey (at) plummerstrauss (dot) com


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