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Episode 80 – Self Distribution with Lucas Kitchen

Everyone can make a movie but when it’s done, what’s the best way to get it out into the world? This week we have filmmaker Lucas Kitchen on the show to talk about his experience working with the aggregator Distribber, how much money his movie brought in and how it all works!

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Meet Lucas Kitchen


Our guest this week is East Texas Filmmaker Lucas Kitchen! Timothy found him online through an article he wrote about using Distribber to release his feature film, Indifferent Worlds so we brought him onto the show. In addition to being a filmmaker, Lucas is also a writer, here is the bio from his amazon page.

There’s four basic things you need to know about Lucas Kitchen.

1. He drinks iron-rich well water before he writes. It stains everything orange, but boy does it get the ideas flowing!
3. He hates the number two.
4. He gives his arrogant cat too much liberty around the house.
5. He’s wild eyed and a little dangerous to be around, but the man knows how to tell a story.

Self Distribution and What it Looks Like

You’ve got your movie done, now what? You could go out to all the distributors and see if they have any interest in your film or you could do it yourself but where do you start? How do you reach places like Netflix, itunes, hulu, amazon prime and so forth? Back at the time there wasn’t a lot of information on how to make that happen so Distribber seemed like the best and maybe only option to make it happen.

Lucas’ Film Indifferent Worlds

This is the film Lucas Kitchen distributed through Distribber, check out how it did in this graphic.


Getting in Touch with Lucas Kitchen


Media Kitchen’s Website

Lucas Kitchen’s Amazon Page

Questions from Atheists 

Lucas Kitchen’s IMDB Page

Timothy’s Film Spirit Machine on Genero

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  • What do you think, will you use an aggregator like Distribber to release your movie?

  • The math is so scary. I think I assumed it would be a lot easier to make my money back using these online platforms but now I realize just how big the mountain is I need to climb.

    • I think this again has a lot to do with the audience for Lucas’s film. From the podcast it seemed that he did very little promotion and marketing, which he admitted needed work. You see the flip side with Griffiths documentary. Utilizing and cultivate a saraicha audience (as well as Griffiths own audience) and his release was a huge success. Getting onto these platforms is now very easy. Pay for Distribber and you have a great shot at getting onto the platforms. That is like getting a foot in the door. Your film is still a nobody and you have to make people aware of it. Going on a bit of a tangent, I think indie filmmakers have to think of ways to not just look to get sales of a digital file. I really like what Scott McMahon from Film Trooper talks about. Thinking of your movie as more of an advertisment for something greater. What the greater/bigger thing is, is the question. Anyways, I will start rambling and pretending I know anything. Haha. I am really digging the podcast. We all should be helping each other and trying to figure this all out to help us create sustainable little film studios.

      • Good stuff, Jamie. I like what you said about “your film is still a nobody.” Getting your film on every platform is not the challenge, the trick is to find a way to make your film a “somebody”. Traditionally it’s been winning awards at festivals, but not every film will win awards. So what makes your film special and how can you reach your audience. Here’s an interview with a filmmaker that answered this exact question and it’s really really really inspiring, check it out:

        • That is a great interview. I just read an article he or someone wrote about his film and the way he did distribution. Great stuff!