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Episode 79 – Feature Films: Funding and Pitching

We focus on feature films this week with several discussions including “what does a $100k feature really look like?” “How do you ask investors for money?” and “what does a good pitch sound like?”

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This Week’s Intro

The struggle is real. Between us, our movies have played at over 30 film festivals, received hundreds of thousands of views on-line, and we’ve raised more than $100,000 on Kickstarter. But despite our success, we’re still struggling to turn our hobby into a profession.

What Does a $100,000 Feature Film Really Look Like?

Timothy has been talking about a low budget feature since the beginning of the year, but after seeing Robin Schmidt’s movie “Afterdeath,” a $100,000 single-location movie, he realizes that a low budget feature might require more dialogue and less action.

We talk about what takes longer to shoot, dialogue or non-verbal action and how handheld cameras seemed to be a tactic in the budget of “ARQ” on Netflix.

How Do You Ask For Money?

Alrik has started reaching out to friends and family for investments on his first feature film.

  • If you’re reaching out to family and friends, is that harder than reaching out to “investors” or people who appear to have money?
  • How have you justified asking people to give you money for your film?
  • What does it feel like to ask for money?
  • Is it basically the same as asking for money on Kickstarter?

Alrik Pitch’s The Alternate

Inspired by our discussion with Robin Schmidt, Alrik decides to pitch his screenplay “The Alternate” through Stage 32 and Road Map Writers. His first round of pitches are happening next weekend and so we have Alrik pitch his story to us and Timothy gives him some advice.

  • Alrik tells us how he set these pitches up, how much he paid, and who he’s pitching to.
  • What do Alrik stand to gain from these pitch sessions? What’s the best case scenario?
  • Aren’t these pitch sessions geared towards screenwriters? Does Alrik think that’s going to hurt or help him?
  • Alrik pitches his story to us. He’s got 8 minutes. Go!
  • Timothy gives feedback on the pitch

One Last Thing: A Listener Tweet

We respond to a Tweet we received from Paul Schneider @lettershome

@mmihpodcast A few things. IMO if one doesn’t have a Spielberg-sized legacy then they haven’t made it & aren’t dreaming big enough.

Also. Commercials and Ad work has almost no relevance to film & narrative television production. Apples vs. Artichokes

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  • After recording this episode I happened to listen to Episode 14 in which we talk about success. Funny enough, in that episode I talk about Spielberg and his legacy and how that relates to me. It’s what I’ve always been reaching for, but in Episode 14 I came to some new conclusions about the different between reaching and measuring your success to impossible standards. I told Paul to check out that episode. It’s a great listen. It’s still one of my all-time favorites.