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Episode 78 – Unions and Stuff

This week Timothy and Alrik talk about Timothy’s directing job, we answer a listener question and we discuss what we know (and don’t know) about unions. Should you be in a union? Why aren’t we?

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Daily Struggle

Alrik talks about why he wants to wait to raise money because of the holiday season, Timothy wonders if it really matters.

Timothy talks about how directing his Milk commericial went.

We slide into a discussion about clean shots versus dirty shots.

Listener Question

Here is a  question from Chris Cullnane III

I’m just starting out in my video/film career and almost done with my audio visual certificate. I really enjoy you guys on the show and would love to know your thoughts on what to do after graduation? Keep up the good work!

Timothy and Alrik give their thoughts.


We discuss what we know about unions and Alrik gets a lot of the names of the unions wrong, so here they are correctly.

Local 16 – This is the local union in SF Alrik was talking about.

B.S.C. – British Society of Cinematographers

A.S.C. – The American Society of Cinematographers

A.C.E. – The American Cinema Editors

D.G.A. – The Directors Guild of America

P.G.A – The Producers Guild of America

W.G.A. – The Writers Guild of America

S.A.G. /A.F.T.R.A – The Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television and Radio Actors which recently merged into the same union.

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  • What do you guys think about unions? Are you in one, are you planning on joining one?

    • According to the downloads on this episode, no one wants to hear about Unions. This was our least downloaded episode in the last few months. What a stinker! Sorry, this was my idea. I’ll shut up now.