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Episode 77 – Breaking In with Robin Schmidt

We’re joined by Robin Schmidt, a filmmaker, commercial director and host of The Break In podcast in which he formulates a plan to break into Hollywood in 12 months with an offer of paid work. We talk to Robin about his filmmaking career in Europe and the why and how of breaking in to America.

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Robin Schmidt graduated with a degree in English, built a production company from the ground up and directed a feature film. He is now a commercial director in Holland. But he dreams of working in the United States and as he approaches 40, he’s scheming a plan to move his career from Europe to Hollywood.

Many filmmakers want to break into Hollywood but there’s no clear path is there? Robin Schmidt decided to challenge that notion and started a podcast called “The Break In” in which he formulates a plan to get an offer of paid work from Hollywood in 12 months by simply applying research and smarts to the problem.

Since starting the podcast, Robin has decided his best chance at getting an offer of paid work is through writing, specifically in television. He plans to write several scripts and then pitch those ideas to agents, execs and managers through paid sessions with Stage 32 and Roadmap Writers. From there, he hopes he will either sell an idea or get a job in a writer’s room.


Questions for Robin

  • What does breaking in look like?
  • How do you plan to break in to Hollywood?
  • Who are these people you plan to pitch to, how are you finding them and how do you imagine that process happening?
  • You directed a film that has distribution. You are a commercial director. Didn’t you already break in?
  • You had a manager, did they help? How come your manager didn’t help you break in?
  • Tell us about your experience pitching on Stage 32 and Roadmap Writers
  • Why did it take you so long to find a clear path? Why didn’t this plan reveal itself to you sooner?
  • Tell us about your feature film. How did that come about and how did you manage to get film distribution? What was long term plan with the film?
  • Why have you decided to pursue television instead of feature films?
  • Why don’t you just move to Los Angeles?
  • Give us some pitching pointers!
  • What advice do you give to filmmakers looking to make their first feature film?
  • When do you give up and make peace with the fact you aren’t ever going to break in to Hollywood?

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  • Wow no comments? This is one of my favorite episodes ever! Besides Robin also validated this whole online pitching thing which I’m now doing, so if that’s not a reason to listen I don’t know what is. What do you guys think, is Robin still just trying to break in or has he already ‘made it’.

    • I don’t think Robin validated online pitching, but he did make a good argument for giving it a try.

      • Well he got a manager through the process, sure that relationship didn’t work out but that’s validation enough for me