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Episode 76 – Catching Up

Alrik is back from Costa Rica and it’s time for the guys to catch up. We talk over what it’s like coming back from vacation, Timothy’s commercial directing, Alrik’s writing while he was gone and much more!

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Daily Struggle

Alrik talks about what things were like in Costa Rica and what work he did while he was gone.


Timothy talks about his commercial directing career and what it’s like saying yes to something and then feeling like you wish you hadn’t taken on the challenge.

Topic of the week – Alrik and Timothy Chat!

There is no major topic this week, we just chatted it up for an hour and caught up on what we are both up to. Some things we touch on are.

  • Timothy’s commercial directing, the project he’s about to direct and the project he just finished up.
  •  Alrik’s approach to getting The Alternate made, updates on the progress.
  • Timothy’s next steps as a commercial director, has he made it yet?
  • The Alternate’s trip to AFM, how it went and what they learned from the experience.

Share Corner

Timothy reads an itunes review from Hey Starlord man!

Alrik recommends the syfy channel series The Expanse!

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  • What do you guys think, can Timothy call himself a commercial director after directing over five commercials? I think he can and he should!