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Episode 75 – When Do You Say No?

When it comes to paid work, you don’t always get the projects you want. You often get offered projects that don’t fit your style, or don’t challenge you, or isn’t something you’d put on your reel. Should you say yes to every project you’re offered or say no to ones that don’t fit your goals?

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Daily Struggle

Timothy talks about directing a hidden camera commercial and the challenges that come with that kind of shoot.  And we talk about why commercial directors aren’t invited into the editing room. 

Alrik fills us in on his hectic week with his cat and planning for his vacation. And updates on how the music for The Rage is coming along. 

Topic of the week #1 – When Do You Say No?

Over the last few months Timothy has been offered three directing projects. He turned two down and accepted one. Which gets him thinking, when do you say yes and when should you say no?

  • Project A was a political satire. They had $20,000, there was a few pieces of dialogue across several scenes and the rest was stock footage.
  • Project B was a hidden camera shoot. They had $17,000 a singe actor, and a controlled location
  • Project C was a two location shoot with a hero actor plus a store full of extras. They had around $20,000.

Timothy chose the hidden camera project and we discuss why.

  • Should a director only be directing stuff that will be on their reel or direct whatever they can get their hands on?
  • In a recent episode of The Movie Crypt, Dan Trachtenberg talks about what it takes to catch fire and how sometimes you have to create your own opportunities.

Share Corner

Timothy recommend The Raiders of the Lost Ark transcripts between George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Larry Kasdan: Story Conference Transcript January 23, 1978 thru January 27, 1978

Alrik recommends you check out the HBO special Talking Funny

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