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Episode 73 – Filmmaker Bios and Fundraising Tips

This week we give pointers on writing a filmmaker bio and Alrik downloads us on everything he’s learned about fundraising

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Daily Struggle

Alrik prepares for a vacation in Costa Rica while he starts raising money for The Alternate. Already, in the first stages, he’s realizing he has to re-think his plan including how contracts are written and how much money he’s asking from investors.

After last week’s heavy discussion about paths and moving to LA, Alrik comes back around on being happy with where he’s at and remembering that once someone else has taken a path, that path is closed to other filmmakers.

Alrik also has news on The Rage.

Timothy talks about catching up with friends after the premiere of The Spirit Machine. He shares their reaction and talks about his plans for the feature film.

Topic of the week #1 – What makes a good filmmaker bio?

Two weeks ago, we discouraged filmmakers from using “award winning filmmaker” in their bio. We feel bad about not offering solutions, so here are some pointers for writing your bio.

  • What accomplishments should you claim?
  • Do you write down your title?
  • Should you be funny or clever?
  • What do you say in a bio before you accomplished anything in your career?
  • Being direct, using specific examples and writing for an audience.
  • Keep your bio current, try talking about the last year instead of your entire life.
  • Brief, one sentence bios.

Topic of the week #2 – Fundraising Advice

Alrik has been asking for advice on fundraising. This week he shares what he’s learned so far.

  • Who are these so called “investors?
  • Why Alrik won’t go after traditional “film investors”
  • Is AFM a viable option for filmmakers like Timothy and Alrik?
  • Going after independent investors and spiraling out from your friends and family
  • How do you get an investor interested in your project?
  • How long should fundraising take?
  • Why are filmmakers always so vague on the budget of their movie?
  • Are investments tax deductible?

Share Corner

Timothy shares some interesting observations he’s made on iTunes and why search results are not trustworthy.

Alrik recommends you check out the Justin Timberlake and the Tenesse Kids on Netflix

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