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Episode 72 – The Distribution Argument

This week Timothy and Alrik have two wonderful topics lined up but don’t even get to them due to an intense discussion about distribution. We also discuss Timothy’s plans for The Spirit Machine, Alrik’s realizations about his career and much more!

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Daily Struggle

Timothy discusses his new plans for The Spirit Machine!

Alrik talks about how he’s feeling about his career after last weeks discussion.
Timothy and Alrik go back and forth on what it means to be a filmmaker outside of Los Angeles.

Topic of the week – The Distribution Argument!

The daily struggle quickly veer’s into a deep argument about distribution and the way you HAVE to look at it as a independent filmmaker.

Things we discuss during this argument include:

Tugg – The company that lets you rent out theaters for your feature films.

Kinonation – A self distribution aggregator that gets your film out to every VOD distribution source for one price at one click.

Caffeinated – I’m pretty sure this is the coffee movie Timothy mentions on the podcast that Alrik actually has heard about…

In the end of the discussion, nothing is resolved but maybe we all learned that you can’t rely on a distributor to come and save you and that you’ve gotta put in the work and come up with a back up plan on your own.

Share Corner

Timothy recommends this scene from Inside Llewyn Davis by the Coen Brothers, it’s super relevant to our conversation and a great scene!

Alrik recommends you check out the new Netflix movie Justin Timberlake and The Tennessee Kids directed by Jonathan Demme!

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  • What to you all think? Should we focus on self distribution as a way to make our money back on our films or should the main goal still be to land that great distribution deal that will get your film seen by the masses?