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Episode 71 – What’s With All The Screenplay Contests?

This week Alrik talks to Timothy about all the millions of screenplay contests, paid skype pitches and all the other filmmaking opportunities that we independent filmmakers can purchase in order to break into the industry.

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Daily Struggle

Are we just a couple of whiney complainers who are just bitching about how hard filmmaking is every week?

Alrik struggles with the idea of being a film hobbyist, what separates a pro from a hobbyist?

Timothy’s film Lone just won third place in the Atlanta Sci-Fi Film Festival so he had to record an acceptance speech just in case he won, and he did!

Timothy struggles with being too busy at work to do/think about anything else but he is also directing another commercial for his company so it’s not all bad…

Alrik also had to record video intros to two of his films that are going to possibly play in Melbourne Australia, the things we do as filmmakers…

Topic of the week #1 – What’s With All The Screenplay Contests?


Alrik has been surfing the net trying to figure out what else to do with his newly finished screenplay for The Alternate and has been seeing all the hundreds of screenplay contests out there. It seems pretty clear that most of these are just ways for someone to make a profit or support a business that is essentially the contest it self. We don’t talk about it on the show but here is a great article over at web film school by Dov S-S Simens about this very topic.

We talk over all the different screenplay contests from a list we found on Script Shadow.

What about the ones that aren’t on this list?

Bluecat Screenplay Contest – This one is on a lot of people’s lists and has some validity.

Stage 32 Screenplay Contests – These guys have contests running constantly, they are also the ones who offer every type of screenplay consulting and pitch contests and even the skype pitches (which we will get to later).

Screen Craft – This company is very similar to Stage 32, offering every type of screen writing services and a million different contests.

What is Timothy’s take on all this?

How does Alrik feel?

Topic of the week #2 – What About Live Skype Pitches?


In addition to all their screenplay services Stage 32 also offers live skype pitches with the executive or producer of your choosing for about $30 for an 8 minute one on one skype session. Check out their services at the link above.

What does Timothy think about this?

What’s Alrik’s take?

Would you ever try to pitch to someone through this system?

Share Corner

Alrik recommends you check out the other new Netflix show Luke Cage.

Timothy reads a new itunes review from ‘the bald menace productions’, thanks bald menace!

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  1. How many of you have entered screenplay contests? I’ve entered Nichols once, the Francis Ford Coppola contest twice, the Austin Screenplay contest once and I applied for the Sundance writers lab once. How many times have I gotten anything else besides a ‘no thanks’? NEVER! What about you all, where have you submitted and what have the results been? Do you recommend screenplay contests or do you think they are a waste of money?

    • I’ve entered Nichols, the Sundance Writers Lab and Zoetrope. I’ve gotten script coverage several times on the book adaptation I was working on a few years ago. I applied to the SF Film Society Grant this year. So far, no one wants anything to do with me.

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