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Episode 70 – The Blacklist & Screenplay Coverage

Alrik is sick this week but powers through an episode about his recent experience with the Black List and screenplay coverage.

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Daily Struggle

Alrik struggles with being sick and not wanting to do anything.

Picture is locked on Alrik’s latest short film ‘The Rage’ and is working on music.

Alrik has been able to put some time towards finishing The Alternate and he submitted it to The Black List for coverage.

Timothy talks about having nothing to talk about or share and all the busy work of handling the back end of The Spirit Machine.

One of the bigger challenges has been to pre-sell the movie and in looking at all the options, Timothy decided to try : where you can create a pay what you want slider for your project.

We compare the different ways you can distribute your movie directly to your fans and look at how Louis C.K. has done it in the past.

If you’re interested in seeing ‘The Spirit Machine’ ahead of its public release, you can buy the film on Timothy’s website for as little as $3 and help pay for film festival entries:


Topic of the week #1 – The Blacklist

The Black List started as an annual survey of the “most liked” motion picture screenplays not yet produced. It has been published every year since 2004 on the second Friday of December by Franklin Leonard, a development executive who formerly worked at Universal Pictures and Will Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment.

  • Alrik finished the script for his feature The Alternate and put it on the Black List.
  • What did he expect to happen and what actually happened?

Topic of the week #2 – Screenplay Coverage

Script Rating 6/10

Premise 6/10

Plot 7/10

Character 6/10

Dialogue 5/10

Setting 6/10

  • What’s the point of getting screenplay coverage?
  • Is screenplay coverage worth the cost?
  • How does the Blacklist compare to other script coverage services?
  • When do you stop writing and start producing?

Check out this project Gringos by Timothy’s friends Chris and Luis:

Share Corner

Timothy recommends you check out Gringos

Alrik recommends you check out the new Netflix show ‘Easy”

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