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Episode 7 – Pursuing the Feature Film

Making a feature film is tough, Timothy and Alrik discuss what they are doing to get their first features made.

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Show Notes / Links

Timothy starts the episode by asking Alrik about the success of his first short film, Strange Thing.

Alrik talks about his expectations of his second short film Brother, compared to his first.

Timothy asks Alrik about mistakes he made on Brother and what he would have done differently.

Timothy talks about making to do lists and feeling good about manging his large work load.

Topic of the week: What are we doing to get our first feature films made?

Timothy talks about his ten year journey to get his first feature film made and what he is currently doing to make it happen.

Alrik talks about the stage he is at and what his approach is to getting his script made.

We discuss the differences between the two methods and reflect on the fact that we are still just figuring it out since we both haven’t made a feature yet.

We end on our ‘lessons learned this week’ and plug a couple of our recent projects.

Strange Thing –

Man’s Best Friend –

Zombie Vs. Drone –

Acid King: Red River –

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