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Episode 69 – The Spirit Machine is Done!

Timothy’s short film, The Spirit Machine, which has been four years in the making, is finally done! We talk about how Timothy is feeling before the two screenings and then come together to talk about how it all went down.

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Daily Struggle

Alrik talks about how the talk with Jim Cummings as impacted him.

Timothy talks about how some movies were made in the early 90s and that maybe we need to look to those examples of how to get it done.

Alrik and Timothy discuss how they are now planning to get their first features made.

Topic of the week – The Spirit Machine is Done!

Four years in the making and now The Spirit Machine is finally done and has been seen by audiences, we break down how Timothy was feeling before the screenings.

  • How are you feeling now that the film is done?
  • Timothy breaks down how he’s felt at different stages over the four years.
  • Timothy reads from a letter he wrote himself outlining how he was feeling at the time.
  • Alrik asks Timothy some final questions on how he’s feeling before the show!

Time Jump! Now the screenings have taken place and we discuss how it all went!

  • How did it go?
  • How do you feel?
  • What did Alrik think about the film?

Share Corner

Timothy reads a new review from Sara Atkins on Stitcher!

Alrik shares the nerdiest thing in the world, ‘Drop It Like It’s Spock!’

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  • It’s so amazing to have seen The Spirit Machine and know that it’s done and out there in a world (at least in some way). What do you folks think? Should Timothy take the extra time to submit the film to festivals or just kick it out online?