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Episode 67 – Music Video Director Brian Storm

Brian Storm grew up in San Francisco’s Bayview/Sunnydale and Diamond Heights neighborhoods. With his first camera he documented his neighborhood and shot videos of his brother playing basketball eventually making his way to music videos. With his company Dream Chaser films, he now works with local Bay Area artists like E-40, Lil Dicky and Mister Fab.

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Meet Brian Storm

Director Brian Storm

For the first years of his life, Brian lived in the 100 story projects called Geneva Towers. He tells the story of being in a gang at five years old!

In Diamonds Heights he documented the neighborhood with his first camera and shot videos of his brother playing basketball. 

After getting involved with The Conscious Youth Media Crew, a local organization that gave kids access to video equipment, Brian learned more skills, like digital editing and made videos like Unprotected Hoops, a street ball video that was sent to people around the world.

After graduating high school, Brian took classes at SF State, City College and attended workshops to expand his skills and experience. 

He paired with Mike Ward to found DreamChaser films which focused on music videos. His first video was a BNutti video. 

Brian talks about run ins with the police on his music video shoots and also a personal incident where he was arrested for “fitting a description” and was thrown in jail for several days. 

Several years ago Timothy introduced Brian to a co-worker of his. Brian and Timothy’s co-worker shot a bunch of music videos. That artist was Lil’ Dicky and the videos were very successful, currently with a total combined 30 Million views. 

What happened after the success of the Lil’ Dicky videos?

How do you build a career in music videos: work with bigger artists and get paid more money?

How does Brian organize his shoots? 

What is Brian still struggling with?

Is this the dream, or is there more?

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