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Episode 66 – Editor Arielle Zakowski

This week we have yet another fantastic guest on the show with commercial and film editor Arielle Zakowski! Arielle has worked on some of Timothy’s commercial projects as an assistant editor and recently made the transition to being a full time commercial editor. We talk about how she got started as an editor, her approach to editing and pretty much everything about being an editor working in LA! 

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Who is Arielle Zakowski?

You may not know her name but you most likely know at least one thing that she has done…

Yes, the opening to Daredevil on Netflix.

Also this wonderful documentary of the scoring of the film Creed.

Lastly this wonderful behind the scenes documentary on the making of Game of Thrones.

Getting to Know Arielle Zakowski

  • Where did you grow up?
  • Did you make movies when you were younger?
  • Did you go to film school?
  • How did you land on becoming an editor?

Advice from an Editor

  • How did you make the jump from assistant to editor?
  • How do you approach editing a project?
  • What are some of the difficulties of being an editor?
  • What do you like about editing?
  • What’s the release plan?
  • What are the differences between editing a commercial and a film?
  • Do you think you have to live in LA to be a great editor?
  • What are your goals, is there any peak that you are trying to reach?

Share Corner

Check out Arielle’s website to see more of her work and to reach out.

The Spirit Machine is getting released! Save the dates. There will be a San Francisco screening on Wed 9/21 and a Los Angeles screening on Tues 9/20. Reach out to Timothy for more info on tickets.

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  1. I really loved talking to Arielle, hearing about filmmaking from an editors perspective was really interesting, what do you guys think, do you approach editing your projects the same way?

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