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Episode 64 – My Filmmaking Career is Passing Me By!

This week Alrik talks how he feels like his filmmaking life is passing him by, but is it really? Timothy talks about how he feels that his missed some key opportunities in the past and wonders if more will ever come his way and compares it to a story about how Chris Columbus got his first job. 

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The Daily Struggle

Alrik talks about a few of the movies/shows he watched recently and why 90’s movies just had pacing down better than modern movies/shows. Here’s a list of what they talk about.

Joshy – The Get Down – Double Impact – JC Van Johnson

The Spirit Machine – is it cursed?

Timothy is in LA to finish the final mix for ‘The Spirit Machine’ again, and talks about how the project just wouldn’t open and how despite finally getting it running after 5hrs, it still isn’t quite done yet!

Is My Filmmaking Life Passing Me By?

Timothy asks Alrik to explore how he is feeling about his filmmaking career and how he has been fighting feelings of his career not moving forward.

Timothy compares Alrik’s feelings to his own about missing out on opportunities he had in the past, that may have worked out differently had his work been better at the time.
What would help alleviate this feeling?
  • Better time Management?
  • Career Change?
  • Making More Movies?
  • Just staying in your lane?

Timothy references a story about Chris Columbus of ‘Gremlins’ fame and how he got his first job which you can hear on the Movie Crypt Podcast.

Share Corner

Timothy shares two new itunes reviews, one from previous guest and friend of the show Kyle McCauley and one from Forth River.

Thanks for the love!

Alrik recommends the amazon pilot season:

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  • I think one of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with his NOT comparing myself and my career to others. I wonder if that’s just a general human compulsion, just to look to others to gauge your success or if it’s something that has been manufactured in American culture. How do you all deal with this or am I the only one who struggles with this?

    • You’re not alone. I have a hard time staying in my lane. Only recently have I started to appreciate my place in the world. There are many filmmakers out there, but there is only one Timothy Plain and the more I can hone my voice, the better version of myself I will become. Become the best Alrik Bursell you can be, however you can. Whether or not Alrik finds an audience is beside the point. Focus on you.