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Episode 63 – Fan Films & Michael Cimino

After a tweet about remaking Quantum Leap, Timothy seriously considers making a fan film. Alrik talks about the relative success of Strange Thing to Brother and his curiosity around uncompromising directors like Michael Cimino.

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The Daily Struggle

After a series of tweets around remaking Quantum Leap, Timothy considers whether or not to pursue a fan film:

Here are a few of the fan films we talk about:

Portal | Punisher | Mortal Kombat: Rebirth | Final Fantasy

Alrik talks about the progress he’s made on The Alternate and The Rage.

Strange Thing vs Brother

Congratulations to Alrik for reaching 100,000 views with his short film Strange Thing.

YouTube (45,000)  and Vimeo (57,000)

 Strange Thing is doing better than Brother on the CG Bros’ YouTube Channel even though they were released around the same time. Timothy asks Alrik why he thinks Strange Thing is performing better. Does the strong performance prove that Strange Thing is a better movie or just better suited for an online audience?

Michael Cimino: the Uncompromisng Filmmaker

Michael Cimino directed the Deer Hunter and Heaven’s Gate and was famously uncompromising.  On Heaven’s Gate he went over budget by 300% as he searched for authenticity . For instance, waiting hours for the perfect cloud to appear. Or in a more extreme case, demolished a street only to rebuild it 6 feet wider.

Here’s an interesting article about the man.

We discuss whether or not a filmmaker like this could exist now and whether or not we can relate to his pursuit of perfection. What are the compromises one makes by being this uncompromising?

Share Corner

Timothy recommends The Movie Crypt, a podcast similar to Making Movies is Hard, but hosted by two directors that are where Alrik and Timothy wish to be:

Alrik recommends the Dr. Chorizo You Tube Channel:


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  • Kyle McCauley

    Don’t know if you guys have heard of this book:
    It’s basically the quantum leap conceit updated to a sort of YA thing. I read it and thought it was awesome, inquired about the rights, but it’s apparently tied up with some a-list director who they wouldn’t reveal. Apparently then, there’s an appetite for a movie like this.

    • I have not heard of it. I will read it though. Sounds right up my ally. I wish I was at a level I could inquire about existing properties. Like I said, I have a list. After I read this, I might add it to the list. Just because someone is attached to it now does not mean they will always be attached to it.

      • Kyle McCauley

        Exactly. The rights could definitely pass. And having someone look into rights isn’t all it’s cracked up to be at this stage; on everything so far, someone already has the option or I’ve been advised it’s out of my reach. It’s more frustrating than useful 😉

        • Right. Chances are, if you’re interested, someone else is, too.