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Episode 62 – Solving Story Problems, Tools and Feeling Special

How do you solve your story problems, what’s your favorite film tool and do you feel special?

This week we talk through a trio of subjects, discuss Stranger Things and get some editing tips from a editor who’s films you’ve probably seen!

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The Daily Struggle

Alrik talks about Stranger Things and his thoughts on the show and Timothy chimes in.

Timothy had the chance to work with the editor of ‘Her’ and ‘Being John Malkovich’ and got to pick his brain on how he approaches his edits.

How Do You Solve Story Problems

Timothy has been thinking about how he solves story problems and breaks down his approach.

Alrik talks about how he approaches fixing his story problems.

Timothy his working on a script with listener/fellow podcaster Marc Madrigal and Alrik helps him work through a very general story issue.

What’s You’re Favorite Film Tool?

We got a listener submitted question from @LucasCulshaw. “What’s your favorite piece of film gear? Could be big as the camera or just a lucky sharpie.”

This is a really hard question for Alrik to answer but he gives it his best shot. What type of tool? As a director, as a shooter? We talk over all the possibilities.

Do You Feel Special?

As a filmmaker, do you feel special?

Timothy talks about how he used to feel special but doesn’t feel that way any more.

Alrik talks about how he as a theory that everyone thinks they are special, even if they don’t realize it.

Share Corner

Timothy reminds us all to check out the filmmakers lounge, people are starting discussions but no one is answering, so get over there and check it out!

Discussions – The Filmmaker’s Lounge

Alrik has been playing a new video game Dying Light that is completely underrated, if you like killing zombies there is really no better game to play.

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  • What is your favorite film tool, do you even have one? Have you ever felt special? Chime in!