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Episode 60 – How to Make Money with Short Films

This week we talk about what options there are for making money with your short films. Is there a viable way to make the budget back or will your short film just end up being a calling card. We also talk about how to talk about your films positively and Alrik talks about how he stayed positive through a tough experience.

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How Do You Make Money with Your Short Films?

Last week, Kyle McCauley recommended we monetize our skills as short filmmakers by pursuing web series. Alternately, local filmmaker Ronnie Allman is building a website where he plans to sell shorts for $1 each.

  • What do Timothy and Alrik think of this idea?
  • What kind of obstacles will Ronnie’s company have to face?
  • If the $1 per short film concept doesn’t seem so viable, how can you make money with short form content?
  • Some examples of successful youtube channels are The CG Bros and Boo Ya Pictures.
  • Check out Boo Yah Pictures short film ‘Lazy Boyz’!

How to Talk About Your Film’s Positively 

Timothy has been having a hard time talking about his films positively and seeks some advice from Alrik on how he goes about it.

  • How does Timothy talk about his films?
  • How does Alrik talk about his films?
  • Alrik gives Timothy a pep talk on how he might do things differently in the future.

Whatever Happened to Necessary Evil?

Speaking of staying positive, Alrik finally talks about what happened with the web series he directed the pilot episode for last year.

  • How did it go down?
  • What ended up happening in the end?
  • What did it feel like to essentially be fired?
  • How did Alrik stay positive throughout the ordeal?

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Last week the Electric Strawberry music video for their new song ‘Peeling Onions’ hit youtube, which was directed by former guest of the show Andrew Schrader and shot by Alrik, check it out!

Also, we’ve got two new iTunes reviews, thanks to Marcella-Bella and Master Seth for the love!

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  • I love the idea of being able to make money with your short films or other short form content but so far it doesn’t feel like there is a viable option that favors the filmmakers. What do you all think, how can we make money on our shorts without becoming a media provider or devoting our lives to making content on a weekly basis for free. Thoughts?

    • If your goal is to be a professional short filmmaker, I understand the need to find a way to make money with shorts. But I don’t want to be a short filmmaker, I want to be a feature filmmaker so focusing on making money with shorts feels like the wrong focus. The important thing is finding an audience. Give your films away for free now, build an audience, and then once you have enough fans, they will pay you to keep going. You need to prove your value first.