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Episode 59 – Meeting Agents and Producers w/ Kyle McCauley

So you made it into the room with a producer. Now what? Kyle McCauley is a full time motion graphics and visual effects artist living in Los Angeles. He recently competed a short film James that landed him an agent and got him into the room with 35 producers and production companies. This episode is about what happens after you get into the room.

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Meet Kyle McCauley


Director Kyle McCauley

Kyle grew up outside of Boston making movies with his friends. After going to Emerson college he moved to LA where he worked as a commercial PA at Furlined before deciding to switch gears and pursue visual effects and motion graphics.

After 9 years of working as in Visual Effects and Graphics, Kyle decided to make James, a short film designed to show off his skills as a director.

Before James ever saw the light of day, Kyle landed an agent and starting meeting with production companies about a feature film version of his short.

What Happens After You Get Into the Room?

  • The first meeting with your agent: what do you talk about? Did you discuss budgets or the kinds of films they thought they could attach you to?
  • The feeling of “making it”
  • What kind of meetings did your agent set up for you? Producers? Studios? Who were these people?
  • What happened in these meetings? Is this what you thought was going to happen?
  • How do you prepare for a meeting with an agent or producer?
  • Did you feel prepared for your meetings? How would you do it differently?
  • What ultimately happened with James? Will we see a feature film any time soon?
  • What’s your next step? How do you move forward from this?

The Changing Film Business

  • Do first-time directors have a chance at a mid-budget studio film? 
  • How do you think the business is changing?
  • As emerging filmmakers, where should we focus our energy? 

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