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Episode 54 – Saila Kariat

This week Saila Kariat, the director of The Valley joins us. The Valley, if you remember, was the movie Alrik script supervised on.

Saila talks to us about the long journey to bring her film to life and gives us a insiders view on fundraising and working with investors!!!

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Meet Saila Kariat

Writer/Director Saila Kariat

After two career’s, raising two children and going back to school for film, Saila decided to go after her dream of directing feature films.

One of Saila’s earliest inspirations was Satyajit Ray’s early films.

The Postmaster by Satyajit Ray

Making The Valley

What were the big challenges in making ‘The Valley?’
How did you make a movie that is a straight drama and not ‘sci-fi’ or a ‘Super Hero’ movie or something?
Casting, how did you pull that off?
Setting up an LLC with your investors
Using the resources that you have, an investor donated their restaurant ‘The Plumed Horse’ which was donated as a location in the film.
Breaking down how the budget gets disbursed. What does a ‘point’ equal?
Could you be fired off your own movie if you set it up wrong?

The Struggles of Being a First-Time Feature Director

Fear vs. Respect
What would you have done differently?
Trust your instincts
Alrik and Timothy are going to make their first features in the next year or two, what advice does Saila have for us?
What are the plans for ‘The Valley’ what are your hopes for the film?

Saila’s next step, what will she do after ‘The Valley’?

Share Corner

You can check out The Valley on their facebook page and on IMDB!

Here is an interview with one of the international leads Alyy Khan.

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  • Thanks so much to Saila for being on the show! What did you take away from Saila’s story? To me it just makes me realize even more that I need to be patient and just take my time and not rush getting my first feature made.