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Episode 53 – Listener Questions

As part of our one-year anniversary celebration, we answer listener questions.

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Question #1 from Claire Steffen

I’m an aspiring screenwriter (I also want to direct, but right now and in my circumstances it’s more efficient to learn story through screenwriting) and I write scripts in English not in German. I live in a city, where nobody even knows the term screenwriting or filmmaking. So it’s hard to make progress because I’m completely on my own and there are no workshops, no film schools or people who seem committed to the craft. Except for forums or blogs, is there any possibility for me to get in touch with other filmmakers/screenwriters? Any advice on networking maybe?

 Question #2 from Damian Harris

I know that you guys are getting more advanced in your creative efforts and are looking to individually make features and have had enough of shorts. Do you think that keeping yourself in the game with shorts will help you attract some higher grade on-screen talent for when the features come around? Increasing the quality of your bodies of work in shorts would have to be considered an investment in your features. 

Question #3 from Lucas Culshaw

What do you consider your biggest failure on one of your films and what did you learn from it?

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  • What a great year! Thank you for not hawking digital magazines or on the podcast 😛

    • We’ll start doing that next year when we’re famous