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Episode 52 – One Year Anniversary Episode

This week Timothy and Alrik reflect on the last year of the podcast. We discuss the past 51 episodes and the biggest lessons we’ve learned along the way.

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 Episodes 1 and 2 went live on June 14th last year.

  • Reflecting on the last year
  • Has anything changed? If so, what?

Alex Kellerman: “How has the podcast changed your filmmaking or career path? (If at all) “

  • Have you changed as person?
  • What’s the same, what’s different?


Looking forward into the future of the podcast and our lives/careers

  • What do we hope for over the next year?
  • Over the next year, do we have any specific plans for the podcast or our careers?

Listener Questions

We decided to release two episode today, so be sure to tune in to Episode 53 to hear us answer listener questions.


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