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Episode 51 – Collaborating with Artists

This week Timothy and Alrik talk about voice over, trying to find a director as an agency producer, indie filmmakers directing big franchises and collaborating with artists. Do you provide detailed notes, or do you let the artist bring their own take to the project, maybe a little bit of both?

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The Daily Struggle

Voice Over, now tell me what you really think?

  • Timothy sent Alrik this link to a discussion with listener Derek Johnson about Voice Over which just sets Alrik off and he goes into all the reasons why voice overs don’t work for him.
  • Anton Yelchin movie ‘Odd Thomas’ which starts with the worst voice over ever!
  • ‘Wolves’ directed by MGS voice actor David Hayter, also starts with a terrible VO.
  • Timothy gives his take on voice overs, highlighting movies like ‘Fight Club’ that use VO extremely well.
  • Alrik and Timothy then discuss Timothy’s two shorts, Lone and Man’s Best Friend, that both rely on voice over.

Timothy’s Search for a Director

  • Timothy has been back at work for a week and he has been searching for a commercial director for his next project, he talks about how he’s not as easy as you’d think.
  • Alrik asks a bunch of questions on why that is and why he doesn’t just hire one of the many directors he personally knows.
  • Not all feature film directors are cut out to be commercial directors, although a lot of them are always trying to make the jump.
  • Often indie filmmakers make the best commercial directors because they can do a lot with a little and in a short amount of time.

Indie Directors Leading Big Franchises, whats that about?

  • There is a trend in Hollywood going on right now where big time franchises are getting handed over to indie filmmakers, see Colin Trevorrow with Jurassic World and Jon Watts with the new Spiderman, things are heating up for the indie crowd.
  • What does this mean for indie filmmakers and indie film in general?
  • Other young filmmakers we mention are Fantastic Four director Josh Trank, who has a particuraly unfortunate story to tell and the Evil Dead Remake director Fede Alvarez, who’s next movie ‘Don’t Breathe’ is getting good early reviews. Fede is of course the filmmaker who put his movie Panic Attack online which got millions of views and scored him the job to direct the Evil Dead remake for Sam Rami.

Collaborating with Artists

  • Timothy and Alrik talk about how they like to collaborate with artists.
  • Timothy talks about how he collaborated to make the beautiful poster for The Spirit Machine.         The Spirit Machine Poster

Things to Share

Correction from last week, Alrik recommended Doom 4 last week, not Doom 3.

Alrik’s playing Far Cry: Primal and everyone should watch the Preacher pilot.

Timothy reads two new itunes reviews by local filmmakers the Perez Bros!

Lastly, go see X-Men:Apocalypse because Alrik wants more X-Men movies!

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  1. We talk about a lot in this episode, what do you all think of sophomore directors getting a chance to direct a 150 million dollar movie, is it a good idea?

    • This feels like a relatively new phenomenon like you said, a result of the collapse of the mid-budget studio film. Seems very risky and I’m sure another Trank-style disaster or two could shake things up. The common trend appears be that each of these directors were able to turn a significant profit off their first project. It’s a money game.

      Monsters gross $4.2 million on a $500,000 budget
      Godzilla grossed $529 million on a $160 million budget

      Chronicle made $126 million on a $12 million budget
      Fantastic Four made $168 million on a $120 million budget

      Moon made $9.8 million on a $5 million budget
      Source Code grossed $147 million on a $32 million budget
      Next project is Warcraft

      Safety Not Guaranteed grossed $4.4 million on a $750,000 budget
      Jurassic World made $1.67 billion on a $150 million budget
      Next project, a $10 million drama followed by Star Wars Episode IX

      Fruitvale Station made $17 million on a $900,000 budget
      Creed made $173 million on a $35 million budget
      Next project is Black Panther

      Cop Car made $142,000 on a “shoe-string budget”, but won rave reviews
      Next project is Spider-Man: Homecoming

      Dope made $18 million on a $7 million budget
      Next project is The Flash

      As exciting an opportunity it is for these guys (no female directors I can think of), what are the chances of catching a lucky break like this? Smaller than getting into Sundance 😛

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