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Episode 49 – Bad Deals and Lawyers

Timothy is back on Making Movies is Hard! Alrik and Timothy catch up on the last few weeks and talk a deal Timothy was offered from Crypt TV and how that all went down.

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The Daily Struggle

Timothy and Alrik recap the episodes with Colin

  • Alrik and Colin used an outline for the episode 47 but not 48.
  • Timothy thinks that the episodes work better when we are on topic.
  • Alrik mentions feed back from a listener who prefers the less emotional episodes.

Timothy’s vacation and John Truby

Alrik’s Corporate Video Work

  • Alrik has been busy shooting corporate videos, Timothy asks Alrik some questions about his work, is he learning anything?
  • Alrik talks about not expanding his corporate work in favor of focusing on narrative filmmaking.


  • We got an acquisition offer for Over My Dead Body from Crypt TV.
  • What was the deal?
  • How did we feel about it?
  • What did we decide to do?
  • If the movie was entirely ours, would we have done the deal
  • Looking back on it, would we have done anything differently?
  • If it was Strange Thing or Brother, Alrik wouldn’t sign the deal.
  • Same for Timothy with his projects.
  • Timothy’s deal for Spirit Machine.

  • How was this different than the OMDB deal. Better or worse?
  • What do we know about lawyers?
  • Is getting a lawyer worth the additional expense?
  • When do you think you should get a lawyer involved?

Things to Share

We have a new itunes review from Drago the Mano, jump over to our itunes page to leave your own review!

Last minute thing to share, Brother is on Aint it Cool News!

Thanks to Muldoon for running the Saturday Shorts program and showing short filmmakers some much needed love!

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  • Timothy is back everyone! Hooray! I think this whole contracts thing is something that is going to come up in the next few years so I’m glad to be thinking about it now. I also realize that I wasn’t thinking of contracts that I got screwed over on but more jobs, like someone asking me to do a job for a low rate, than trying to negotiate and then the job going away. So yeah, not exactly the same but maybe it’s a similar feeling? What do you all think about contracts, have you had any bad experiences, good ones?

  • What a horrible deal! CryptTV doesn’t actually have that many subscribers. Less than 20,000 Twitter followers and less than 6,000 YouTube subscribers. And the fact that they claim to make original content when they are maybe just acquiring original content for free and then force you to keep quiet about the deal speaks for itself.

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