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Episode 47 – Talking Features with Colin Levy

Colin Levy is back! Timothy is on vacation, so Colin takes his place and talks with Alrik about his 3-year project codenamed “Shipnet” and the different ways a filmmaker can approach his or her first feature film project.

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The Daily Struggle

Colin Levy’s “The Portal Experiment”

Colin has been working for 3-years on his project codenamed “Shipnet”

  • Colin fills us in on his latest short film project including the story, the production and funding
  • When’s best time to mount your Kickstarter campaign?
  • Where Colin found funding for his film
  • Taking a leave of absence to work on his film and the unique struggles that brings

Watch Colin’s short films here:

Alrik’s Feature Film

  • What is it?
  • What are the next steps?
  • The Whiplash case-study and why you might want to break your feature into several productions

Approaching the First Feature Film

  • Why? Almost anyone can go out and make a feature film, but what is the point and purpose?
  • At what level does your first feature need to be at?
  • What are the steps to bridge the gap between shorts and a feature film?
  • The Blue Ruin case study – Jeremy Saulnier’s magic trick with Blue Ruin and how it led to his follow up “Green Room”
  • The takeway: Find your stepping stone project, develop your own IP and write a script

Things to Share

Colin recommends you to check out this interview with filmmaker Jeremy Saulnier

Check out Alrik’s Film Doo Article

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