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Episode 46 – Surviving in Los Angeles with Hassan Said

This week Timothy and Alrik talk to Los Angeles filmmaker Hassan Said. After his films played at 50 film festivals and won a handful of awards, Hassan made the move to Los Angeles to pursue a directing career. Five years later, Hassan is still struggling to make his dreams come true.

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Who is Hassan Said?

  • After seeing this message on Hassan’s Facebook wall, Timothy decided to get him on the show to talk about his struggles.

How is it that it’s almost impossible to find an actual film producer in LA, who actually wants to make a film, dedicate themselves and who doesn’t just work for hire / can actually produce a film from the ground up? ‪#‎LameLAProducers

  • Hassan’s Bio

Hassan was born in Egypt, moved to New York at 15 and then came to San Francisco for college (Academy of Art). He interned at Goodby Silverstein & Partners where he met Timothy. After graduating college, crewed on some SF based productions like Milk and Trauma before deciding to move to Los Angeles. He moved to LA 5-years ago to pursue his dream. Armed with 10 short films that have played at more than 50 festivals, Hassan still struggles to find producers to help him get his films made. He pays the bills by freelancing as an editor or production coordinator, he’s also an actor and does some photography work. 

  • Hassan’s background, how did he get started?
  • Why did he choose to move to Los Angeles?
  • What happend when he got to Los Angeles?
  • What are agents and producers looking for? And how social media plays into it
  • The filmmaking communities in San Francisco and Los Angeles
  • Where is the hope?
  • The real reasons you should move to Los Angeles

Getting in touch with Hassan

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  • I walked away from this conversation thinking, again, how important it is to push your own projects forward. You are on your own. The cavalry is not coming.