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Episode 45 – How Evan Kidd made a $3,000 Feature Film in North Carolina

This week Timothy and Alrik welcome North Carolina Filmmaker Evan Kidd to the show to talk about his independent filmmaking experience and how he made his first feature narrative, ‘Son of Clowns’.

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Who is Evan Kidd?

  • Alrik and Timothy talk about what they know about Evan.
  • Evan introduces him self and how he got on the show.
  • Evan’s Bio
    • Raised in North Carolina. In 2014, Evan graduated from East Carolina University, in Greenville, earning his degree with honors in Cinematic Arts and Media Production. In the summer of 2013, Evan released “Spazz Out!”, a 35-minute documentary film on Greenville’s annual musical festival, Spazz Fest. Evan’s 2014 short film “Displacement Welcomed” was an official selection of the Viewster Film Festival in Zürich, Switzerland. His 2015 short, “You Wouldn’t Expect,” was awarded best Appalachian Short at the Queen City Film Festival in Maryland. Son of Clowns is Evan’s first feature film.
  • Evan’s background, how did he get started?
  • First major project, ‘Spazz Out!’ a documentary about NC music festival Spazz Fest!
  • Preparing for ‘Son of Clowns’, what lead to writing the script?
  • Evan’s Thesis Film, ‘Displacement Welcomed’.

Making Son of Clowns from Start to Finish!

  • How long did the script take to write?
  • Where did the idea come from?
  • Making a feature for $3,000, how Evan got it done.
  • Getting your Crew to work for Free
  • Shot only in 10 days!
  • Now that the movie is done, what do you hope to have happen?

Getting in touch with Evan!

Son of Clowns website –

Evan’s website –

Watch more of Evan’s films/videos –

Reach out to Evan on twitter @MrEvanKidd

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  • Thanks so much to Evan being on the show! What do you think of Evan’s story? Should he try to find a traditional distributor for ‘Son of Clowns’ or just take the roadshow approach on his own or do a little bit of both?