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Episode 44 – Never Give Up!

You might not always, or ever, get the results you want with your film. It can be discouraging. How do you survive? This week we talk about pushing forward with your films and never giving up.

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The Daily Struggle

  • Timothy talks about his latest commercial project and his experience shooting in Alaska and Arizona. We talk about how we’d go about finding unique locations (like an ice road or copper mine) with little first-hand experience and the difference between an agency producer and a line producer.
  • Keep a look out for the next two episodes with Evan Kidd and Hassan Said
  • It’s been a week since the Brother premiere. Alrik catches us up on how the film is doing and how he’s continuing to push the film out into the world.
  • Alrik catches us up on the YouTube release of Strange Thing and the “spicy” comments he’s getting.
  • What’s next? Alrik is working on The Rage.
  • What are the benefits of editing without music and sound?

Topic of the Week – Never Give Up

Things will often not work out the way you want them to, no matter how much work and how much you try, sometimes you can’t get what you want. How do we deal with the disappointment that comes with filmmaking?

Feature Film Updates

The Alternate – Alrik shares some funding advice

The Haunted Toyhouse – Timothy is at a crossroads with the current draft of the script


Alrik’s film Brother is on-line. Go check it out!

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  • I just heard an interview with Jeremy Saulnier and he thinks the reason Blue Ruin came out so well was because he gave himself enough time to shoot it. 30 days to be exact.

    He said “Don’t do an impossible schedule just to satisfy some arbitraty budget ceiling and hamstring yourself from day one. You’re gonna… the movie is compromised before you even make it. So I just said fuck it I’m going to give myself 30 days to shoot Blue Ruin, that’s a luxurious schedule, which is also bullshit, we’re now forced to make movies in 18 days and be so grateful if you hit 20. You know? Which is nonsense. Blue Ruin succeeded because we had 30 days to shoot it.”

    30 days is what I’ve scheduled out for “The Haunted Toyhouse” and hearing him say that gives me confidence I should be careful about trimming days.

    • Well 30 days is just super long for an indie film but if you can raise the money and you can get that many days from your cast and crew, more power to you. I’d love to shoot The Alternate across 30 days I just don’t think that’s very realistic with the budget I’m going to have.

      But hey, aim high right? If I’m going to aim high with cast and everything else might as well aim high for schedule too, right?