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Episode 43 – The Brother Short Film Premiere!

What’s it feel like to premiere your film on-line and at a film festival? As luck would have it, Alrik is doing that this week! So we decided to dedicate an entire episode to the release of Alrik’s short film Brother at the Oakland International Film Festival at the Grand Lake Theater. As well as its online release on Comedy Hype! How did it go, listen to find out!

Listen now or visit iTunes to download it to your device.


Before The Release!

  • Timothy and Alrik discuss the prep Alrik did to get Brother ready to be released.
  • Getting rejected from Short of the Week and Film Shortage, was that expected?
  • How is Alrik feeling? Nervous, excited?
  • What are Timothy and Alrik’s predictions for the online release, how many hits will Brother get?

The Premiere!

Brother has been released! Watch it now!

Comedy Hype Premiere: Comedian Capone Lee Stars In Independent Horror Short ‘Brother’

The Stats!

Brother Stats for the first two days

brother stats

Strange Thing Stats for the first two days

Strange Thing First two days Stats

  • The results are in and Brother actually performed better than Strange Thing on day one but basically went in the opposite direction on day two. This is probably due to releasing on a Friday versus a Monday so we will see how things go in the next few days.
  • The premiere it self, how it went, how many people showed up?
Alrik during the Q/A for Brother at the Grand Lake Theater. Photo by Hilton Day
  • Timothy asks Alrik if he is depressed after the screening.
  • What’s next for Brother?

Share Corner

Alrik’s film Brother is online, watch it now, share it and give it a like on Vimeo! Likes are just important as views so make sure to give it a like when you watch it, unless you hate it of course.

To follow along with the release of Brother jump over to our facebook page where any future writes up or reviews will be posted!

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  • Thanks so much for listening and thanks for the support! Aside from making a movie, the hardest part is getting people to see it, so I appreciate every view, share and like you can throw to the Vimeo link. Thanks again for listening and we will be back with a more traditional episode next week! But what did you think of this episode, was it interesting, should we do this again for future film releases?