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Episode 39 – Remakes, Friedkin and Playback, Oh My!

This week we discuss the new Ghostbusters remake, we get some directing advice from William Friedkin’s interview on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast, and also talk about using playback on set.

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Show Notes / Links

The Daily Struggle

  • Alrik talks a little about his work producing his Korean-American feature and the current casting process and a few words about the film he is script supervising.
  • Timothy talks about Boxing Helena and how it killed securing A-list actors without funding first.
    Check out this 1993 article from Entertainment Weekly that talks about Boxing Helena.
  • Timothy talks about his existential crisis. What does life mean? What does any of this mean?
  • After the success of the Sweetos commercials, it feels like, now what?
  •  Timothy feels like he’s made movies, his acheived goals, but what does it all mean? What is it that I exactly have to say?
  • The indie film ‘Dope’ has a true voice, Timothy feels like he doesn’t have a movie in him like that.

Topic #1- The new Ghostbusters Trailer

Timothy and Alrik dive deep into the Ghostbusters Trailer.
Alrik takes out his samurai sword and cuts it in half and Timothy defends the trailer.

Did Sony Executives control the humor in the film or is this purely the filmmakers voice?

  • Alrik argues that the hollywood system takes any unique idea and makes it acceptable for everyone.
  • Timothy argues that the filmmakers probably made those choices because they thought they were the best for the film.

Topic #2- William Freidkin on Directing Techniques.

William Friedkin, the director famous for ‘The French Connection” and ‘The Exorcist’ talks with Marc Maron about the way he directed Gene Hackman, among other subjects..

Listen from min 18 to about 24 to hear that section.

  • Timothy outlines Friedkin’s approach to directing Gene Hackman in the French Connection.
  • Alrik talks about Oliver Stone directing Michael Douglas in Wall Street.
  • Timothy and Alrik discuss what they would be willing to do as far as manipulating actors.
  • We wrap up our thoughts on if all directors are manipulating their actors.

Topic #3- Playback and How We Use It

In modern day filmmaking almost every set will have some kind of monitor with the ability to playback the last takes on set. How do filmmakers use playback, is it a useful tool or just a crutch to lean on?
  • Alrik talks about using playback to check big camera shots with a lot of movement.
  • Timothy and Alrik have a quick discussion of using the monitor versus no monitor.
  • Timothy talks about how he uses playback.
  • Timothy talks about how M. Night Shyamalan used to playback every take for his earlier movies and how he moved past that.

Final Thoughts

Playback is a great tool but most of us won’t have time to playback more than the really important shots.

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Remember Me (the first film Alrik script supervised) got a review in the Hollywood Reporter!

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  • If you like Paul Feig’s other movies, I think you’ll probably be more forgiving of this Ghostbusters trailer. It’s what I expected from him. Is it basically Bridesmaids with ghosts? Maybe. But wasn’t Ghostbusters really just Stripes, with ghosts? I think everyone is being too harsh on the movie based on just a trailer. If there’s one thing Hollywood execs have control of, it’s marketing a movie, and remember that the trailer doesn’t always reflect the film. This movie might actually be better than everyone thinks it is. It might also be terrible. My guess is, if you liked Bridesmaids, The Heat, and Spy, you will probably also like Ghostbusters. If you don’t like those movies, you probably won’t like Ghostbusters. So if you’re being critical of this movie and you don’t like Paul Feig, you need to ask yourself if this is really the studio’s fault? I think people in Hollywood want to make good movies, but trying to make a good movie is not so easy, is it? You MMIH Podcast listeners should know this better than anyone and be sympathetic when a movie doesn’t turn out well. You can put all the greatest people together, give them enough rope to hang themselves, and the movie could still turn out terribly. That’s moviemaking!

    • Yeah you are probably right about the trailer not actually being representative of the movie it self. But yeah, I think I’ve been too tough on Paul Feig movies, I haven’t actually finished either of the two I started to watch so I think I should finish them before I give a real opinion. Anyways, I’ll be at the theater to watch more ghostbusters, I just love the original so much and I want to judge it for myself.

  • What does everyone think? Do you like the new Ghostbusters trailer? Did Friedkin go too far in manipulating Gene Hackman? Is Playback a fantastic tool or just a crutch? Let us know in the comments!