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Episode 33 – Dealing With The Internal Critic

This week Timothy talks about a tough experience dealing with his internal critic and talks to Alrik about how he’s dealing with it. Alrik talks about his internal critic and how he works through it. What do you say to the voice that says ‘You aren’t good enough’?

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Show Notes / Links

The Daily Struggle

  • Alrik talks about Directing The Rage and his big moment of crises.

The Rage BTS_4

(Alrik with Sophia LaPaglia and Jeff Moore on set of The Rage)

  • Alrik and Timothy talk about how The Rage shoot went and how Alrik’s feeling.
  • Timothy talks about directing his commercial and the struggles he faced.

(This is the Poochie Simpson’s clip Alrik talks about on the show)

  • Timothy talks about the difference between directing a commercial and a short.
  • Timothy talks a little bit about the downside to being a commercial director.

Topic of the Week –Dealing With Your Internal Critic

Right after the holiday break Timothy flew to LA to record a VO for his commercial project and he was feeling really really nervous. The voice in his head was saying “You’re not good enough” “You’re not talented enough” and “You should just give up”.  He shared this experience with some friends and got some advice on how to deal with his inner critic.

  • When do you hear it most often?
  • Is this normal?
  • How strong is it compared to the positive voice?
  • What are some of the ways you deal with this voice?
  • Standing by the decisions you make.
  • There are multiple truths.
  • Will the voice ever go away?

Things to Share

  • The Rage Kickstarter, share it, support it and click on it!

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  • The internal critic is strong in this one! Do you have an internal critic? What does it say? My internal cheerleader is the same voice as my negative critics voice, they are either just being a dick or being nice. Timothy’s is a completely different voice. What about you guys? Let us know what you think and what you do to deal with your negative internal critic.

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  • Oh I enjoyed this one… Just a good old philosophical debate. From what I’ve gleaned through talking to people of various levels of success, everyone gets in a different way. The only common thread is that they’re out here working in or around film/television.