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Episode 28 – How Can We Grow Our Film Communities?

How can we grow our film communities? Whether you are in a small town with no infrastructure or a major city, what can we do to bring people together? Timothy and Alrik talk about their ideas on what the future of filmmaking in the bay area could look like and what everyone else could be doing no matter where they are.

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Show Notes / Links

The Daily Struggle

  • Timothy talks about his recent progress and how he feels almost like an imposter.
  • Who deserves to be a filmmaker? If we were making films in the old days, would we even have an opportunity? Are we only filmmakers because of the easy access to film technology?
  • Alrik talks about being in a little bit of a depression last week and pulling himself out of it.
  • Timothy dives deeper into Alrik’s negative feelings and how he can relate.

Topic of the Week – How Can We Grow Our Film Communities?

  • Timothy asks Alrik to give a rundown of where this subject came from.
    • Alrik talks about Coffee and Catchup christmas party and what that experience was like.
    • Here is the article about Todd Traina that Timothy found about the SF film community.
    • They talk about the San Francisco Film Society and what they know about it.
    • The Scary Cow film incubator and what they are doing for the film community.
  • What can we do to really strengthen the film community and have more films being made in our community?
    • Using Scary Cow as a model, what does a possibly solution look like?
    • Tales From The Darkside: The Movie Trailer.
  • Timothy talks a little about what this looks like in different communities, what if you live in the middle of nowhere, how can you connect with people?
  •  Wrap up, what does Timothy’s dream for the Bay Area film community look like?
  • What does Alrik’s dream for the Bay Area film community look like?

Things to Share

Timothy’s short film LONE is the Daily Short Pick on Film Shortage and featured on the CGBros YouTube Channel

Alrik talks about Creed some more and encourages the world to go see it. Timothy agrees.

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  • This was a really important discussion for me. I always talk about wanting to make a difference in the bay area film community but I realized recently that I’m not really doing much to make things better. I think talking to all the different groups and joining the conversation is a really great place to start. What do you think, we can we be doing to strengthening our different film communities?

  • Kellerman Komedy

    Hey guys! It’s been awhile since I’ve commented, sorry about that! I’ve been listening consistently, but have been working on a new show that was taking up 14-18 hours a day! So even when I wasn’t working, I had other things to do (like sleep.) But we’re on hiatus now so get ready for some comments! My main comment for this episode is for Timothy to get over this “imposter” feeling. Questions about whether you’re good enough or “deserve” to be a filmmaker… Just stop! We’re all nagged by those sorts of feelings/questions but only time can tell, right? It’s not productive in ANY WAY to think these things, they only get in the way of you performing/taking action. You must push those thoughts aside. It’s not stopping you from continuing, so they’re useless thoughts. Nobody “deserves” to be a filmmaker. We earn the right to make films. And some of us never actually earn it. Maybe you’re not good enough. That’s a real possibility. But there’s no way for you to evaluate such a thing. Only at the end of your life looking back will you be able to tell. And you gotta take all feedback with a grain of salt. 2 semi-high profile producers read one of my scripts over the Thanksgiving weekend (Hooked – Timothy, I sent this to you as well) and had completely OPPOSITE reactions. 1 said specifically that it started too slow for him and didn’t grab his interest. The other said “Wow, you really know how to grab the audience right from the beginning!” Art is to be interpreted by the beholder. That’s what makes it art. The interpretation. And it’s what makes this industry so difficult/fun! This ties into the branding conversation had in a previous episode… Would it be easier to find work if you are just the “funny dialogue guy”? Or is it better to be more well-rounded. WHO KNOWS!? Everyone you talk to will tell you something different. You just gotta keep plugging away. Make the things you want to see. At least that way when you look back on it all, YOU will enjoy watching them!

    • Kellerman! Thanks for the advice. Yeah, I know hearing me talk about this stuff drives you crazy, but I do it for the benefit of mankind. For all the other filmmakers to know “You are not alone.” Don’t worry, it’s not like these feelings are eating at me, they usually don’t. It’s just that I feel responsible to be 100% honest on the podcast. You make excellent points and hopefully other filmmakers will read your comment and find inspiration. The take away is: keep making stuff! As @JBPixel told me on Twitter: “I guess all we can do is tune out the noise and try our best to make the work that speaks to us the most.” Focus on the work people!

      • Kellerman Komedy

        Yeah ok I see where you’re coming from… Maybe go just one episode without beating yourself up tho 😉