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Episode 27 – How To Present Yourself As a Filmmaker

How do you present yourself as a filmmaker? Whether it’s in meetings or at a party, how do you create the most opportunity for your career? Alrik and Timothy share their experiences and offer advice.

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The Daily Struggle

  • The benefit of telling other people about the projects we are working on.
  • Does talking about a project jinx it?
  • The power of visualizing your future
  • Don’t wait for permission, be in control of your own destiny. Timothy recommends Alrik doesn’t wait to make his movie.
  • How to prepare your project to attract other people to jump on board. “Choo Choo” this train is leaving the station.
This project is happening with or without you

Topic of the Week – How Do You Present Yourself As a Filmmaker

Is it important to be able to sell yourself as a filmmaker? If so, how do you do it?

  • Timothy talks about having to define himself as a commercial director
    • This is Who I am
    • This is Where I fit in
    • This is What I want to do
    • This is my Value to you beyond my work
  • Alrik talks about having to present himself in a more casual sense, like at a party
    • I’m a filmmaker – Science Fiction and Horror is my niche – “Not stab stab horror, but more like psychological horror, you know?”
    • I’m making movies and I have one on-line you can watch now
    • I’m have another film coming out soon
    • I’m trying to make my first feature
  • Being the most authentic version of yourself and building a narrative to sell your next project
  • Does it matter how you dress as a filmmaker?

Things to Share

Alrik talks about Marvel movies and his excitement for Captain America “Civil War”. Timothy talks about directing a big budget franchise


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  • Taking control of your destiny is hard advice to follow. I’m still having trouble with it. Because it’s easier said than done. But it’s a philosophy I’m owning more and more. About a year ago a producer asked me “Could you shoot a movie for $200,000?” And I said no. At that time I didn’t believe I could. Now I know I can. If he asked me again, my answer would be yes. But it’s a decision you have to make early on and then write scripts knowing you might only have a crew of six people. It can be done. It has been done. And after proving yourself on a small scale, it will be a lot easier to convince people to give you a bigger opportunity. But assuming you’ll get that big opportunity out of the gate is unrealistic for most of us. It has been for me, so far, and I’ve been doing this for 10-years.

  • Man, I love that gif, that’s from Darjeeling Limited right?