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Episode 22 – The Festival Premiere of Over My Dead Body

We premiered our short film Over My Dead Body at the San Jose International Short Film Festival. This week we talk about the festival premiere and how we felt both during and after the screening.

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Show Notes / Links

 The Daily Struggle

  • Alrik is feeling depressed
  • Alrik talks about not doing enough
  • Alrik talks about a new secret project
  • Timothy and Alrik share stories about trying to find scripts they want to direct

We answer a listener question from Perry Wexelberg ‏@thewexel  Oct 26 @mmihpodcast do you see your movies as works of art? Or are they popular entertainment? What is the relationship between art and indie film?

Over My Dead Body premiered at the San Jose International Short Film Festival on Saturday, October 24th

Topic of the Week – What’s it like to release your film into the world?

The festival release of “Over My Dead Body”

  • how did it feel leading up to it?
  • How did it feel to see the other films at the festival?
  • How did OMDB do and Timothy and Alrik analyze the audience reaction. Timothy talks about how he thinks OMDB could have been better. Alrik defends the decisions they made.
  • They talk about wanting to make a different movie
  • Download Timothy’s treatment for “Over My Dead Body”
  • Now that it’s over, what would you differently?
Read Timothy’s Treatment for “Over My Dead Body” aka Zombie Romance

How did the on-line release go? Did it live up to your expectations? What are the struggles of an on-line release? What’s next for the on-line release?

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  • Timothy Plain

    It’s been a week since we recorded this episode. I’m exhausted from promoting OMDB. Man, this is hard work.

    • I hear you man, great job sticking with it! It is funny to think back about when we recorded the weekly episode, it feels like ages ago!

      • Timothy Plain

        1,000 Views! That’s something. A lot less than the million I was hoping for.

  • Timothy Plain

    I’m learning that a successful PR campaign has a good story behind it. You can’t simply say, I made a short film come and watch it. The story has to be bigger than that. Anyone can make a movie. What makes yours special? Is it where you work? Or an actor in your film? For Over My Dead Body we leveraged Alrik’s on-line success with Strange Thing and my Kickstarter success with Spirit Machine. These things gave us legitimacy. What do you think? Agree? Disagree?