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Episode 19 – The Episode About Nothing

In this episode Timothy asks Alrik if the podcast is providing value for anyone, Alrik talks about Timothy’s look book for his horror/comedy and a bunch of other random talk.

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Show Notes / Links

– Introduction: Is this podcast valid and providing value?

– Timothy’s challenge

– Alrik talks a little bit about Brother and what’s next.

– When do you get hungry to start another project

– Story Conference Transcript for Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Arc between Lucas, Kasdan, and Spielberg. Get it here:

George Lucas’ Hand Written Treatment for Raiders of the Lost Ark


– Convincing people to work on your project. It’s hard!

– Alrik’s next project

– Working with writers and thoughts on collaboration

– Timothy talks about his look book for Haunted Toyhouse

– What’s a look book? It’s a reference that allows you to show how great your film will be before you shoot a thing. Here’s an example: 

– We discuss comedy/horror

– Transformers vs The Spirit Machine. How much of a movie comes from the words in a screenplay and how much comes from the execution?

– Wrap up and call to action, tell us how to make the podcast better!

– Over My Dead Body will be playing at the San Jose International Short Film Festival on Saturday October 24th, buy tickets here!

– Brother Trailer finally online, watch it here!

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