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Episode 18 – Getting People To Watch Your Short

After your movie is done, you’ll need to get people to watch it. But how do you break through the clutter and get seen? This week, we talk about marketing your film and Alrik shares his experience on getting 50,000+ views on his short “Strange Thing”.

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Show Notes / Link

Haunted Toy House is finished. Timothy is working on a look book

Alrik talks about last minute actor notes on Brother

Topic of the Week – How do you get people to watch your films?

Marketing Strange Thing – What worked, what didn’t?

• Link to the Short of the Week Case Study:

• Link to Strange Thing:

What will we do different next time?

• Over My Dead Body – Link to Trailer:

• Join us for the premiere of Over My Dead Body at the San Jose International Short Film Festival on Saturday, October 24th:


The Cisco Commercial that Timothy directed a few weeks ago:

David Fincher – Film School Rejects Article

Down For What Music Video –

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  • Kellerman

    Hey guys! Thanks for the shoutout in this week’s episode! I wasn’t trying to be a dick about “irregardless,” but, well, yeah. It was funny that you brought it up. As for this week’s subject… the only part I have to comment on is that I agree with Ulrik that the more twitter, instagram, etc. followers you have, the more likely you are to reach that one person (or group of people) who’s going to help you get to the next level. My producing partner has gotten meetings PURELY by having a video on our youtube channel ( with a million views! Now… have those meetings led to great success? No. not yet at least. But it’s gotten us meetings we otherwise wouldn’t have had. That said… Obviously people were breaking in for years and years before twitter, instagram, etc. even EXISTED so of course, it’s not essential. It’s just another tool we have. And it’s importance is ever-growing as this new internet generation grows up.

  • Great points. In summary: exposure is good. Seek it out. Twitter followers, YouTube hits, interviews, podcast, articles. Put yourself out there because you’ll never know who will find you through it. A few years ago I was reluctant to interview for an advertising magazine because I didn’t care about exposure in the ad community, but I did it anyway. In that interview I mentioned I had a screenplay I was looking to produce and from that article several people reached out to read it. Sometimes you’ll find the right people in the most unexpected places.